WeAdmit Method

We understand the rules and winning strategies of the college application process, so we will assist you in your preparation end-to-end. At WeAdmit we initially focus on a top-down approach to explore your life goal and desired careers/majors. We have a collection of 50+ worksheets enabling you to efficiently discover your goals and motives so that you can advance through all of the steps amazingly quickly. Since the WeAdmit program is immersive and fun, the time commitment necessary will feel much more minimal.

Program Overview

WeAdmit is a one-on-one, fully customized consulting program that entails post-admissions career planning. We also cover financial aid consulting, which the vast majority of conventional college counselors simply ignore. The best part- you can start the program without paying a dime upfront.

Application Year 2020-2021

*HC: Head Counselor LC: Lead Coach

*HC: Head Counselor LC: Lead Coach


 Program Structure

Although we generally recommend for our clients to go through the modules sequentially, we tailor the curriculum on a client-by-client basis. This allows for our program to be highly adaptive since we can tailor it to match the readiness of each client.

Program structure.png


We firmly believe in the “learning by doing” philosophy. Rather than seeking immediate answers, you should always give it your best shot first. We carefully layout worksheets pulling on your most audacious ideas in a risk-free environment. Then, you have a series of conversations with your Lead Coach and Head Counselor to come to the best decision.



Getting into a college is just the beginning. Stretch your view to 10 years later and even beyond. Align your long term life vision to careers, to majors, and finally to schools. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan, but it’s very useful to have an idea of where you want to be to make the best choices. Streamlined life decisions give you a better chance at achieving “material success” and true happiness after college.


Why Us?

Traditional admissions consultants are too busy to help you with post-admissions planning. We’re different because what matters most to us is your ultimate satisfaction and happiness - which comes from streamlined, efficient life decisions. We work for your admission to prestigious schools but our priority is always your success long-term.