Since we are committed to client satisfaction, we prefer to invest in you rather than you investing in us. This is why we offer a deferred success fee payment model, so you can spend less time worrying about fees and more time preparing them for this next phase in their life.


 The Secret Of Our Price Competitiveness

We are extremely value conscious. Since top admissions consultants’ hourly rates are typically as high as lawyers’ rates, we want families to use their time wisely. That’s how we came up with WeAdmit’s unique program structure. We provide students with the most efficient self-guided 50+ worksheets and top college students to coach them through the entire process. However, the true purpose of this structure is not cost optimization. The worksheets ask for your opinions and future plans. You will acquire the habit of being your own boss. Additionally, your Lead Coach brings the valuable experience of going through the competitive application process themselves and getting into world-class schools. Their experience is extremely diverse- ranging from getting the max ACT score to writing essays on what goes on backstage during TED talks. We bring all of their collective knowledge and networks to you, allowing you to harness expertise from every area relevant to you.

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 Sample Deferred Success Fee Structure

We aim to categorize your college list as fairly as possible, so we’ve included this sample for transparency.

DSF case.png