How It Works

WeAdmit coaches high school students online to be competitive college applicants at no up-front cost.

Instead of paying high fees up-front, families can agree to pay a tiered success fee after their student gets admitted.

If you don't get into a school, you'll never pay a cent.


How Our Fee Model Works

There is no up-front cost required to join the WeAdmit program; we only get paid when you get in.

When you apply to colleges with us, you'll tell us what schools you’re applying to, ordered by your preference. If you get into a Reach or Early Decision school (top 3 of your list/U.S. top 20 ranked schools) you'll pay us the highest amount according to our fee table. If you get into Safety school (bottom 3 of your list), you pay the least amount. If you don’t get in to a college, you don’t pay a dime.

Alternatively, you may opt to pay an up-front fee with no results-based payment.


WeAdmit Program

While we strive to help you through the college application process, results are not possible without effort on your behalf. This is a journey of self-discovery of which you will have full ownership, but the WeAdmit team will follow every step of the way to help you discover your own path based on where your personal interests and aspirations lie. 

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Live Sessions

Take live, structured sessions from the convenience of wherever, with instant, one-on-one help. The WeAdmit program takes place online in a virtual counseling room with your counselor and coach, dedicated specifically to you.


Virtual suite backed by latest technology

Teenagers are fluent in technology. As a Silicon Valley based company, we carefully select sophisticated technologies and design the most efficient workflow. You will benefit from our data-driven approach, allowing you to seamlessly collaborate with your counseling team as well as fellow applicants.


Design-thinking ideology for your college life and career

You can outperform your own expectations and beat your competition when you find your true passion and are inspired to work towards it. WeAdmit artfully incorporates a design-thinking approach into our career, major, and school exploration process. Enjoy the process of discovering and pursuing your passion.


WeAdmit Scholarship Program

Helping students get into college, no matter their financial background, is our mission. Thus, we offer a flexible WeAdmit Scholarship Program. We recruit a limited number of full and partial scholarship clients on a rolling admissions basis. The scholarship is mainly need-based, but we still review applications from a merit-based point of view. Apply today.

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