Build The Perfect College Counseling Team For Your Child

Through our immersive coaching program and online team of college counselors, WeAdmit guides high school students like yours as they find their best-fit college.


What We Do


Our team of counselors at WeAdmit have a single goal: to take the stress of college applications off your shoulders, while ensuring your child is set up for success!

As we work together to build your child's personal college counseling team we’ll support them through regular coaching sessions, application reviews, essay revisions, scholarship advice, and more. This team will be there every step of the way to guide you and your child as you prepare for college applications and beyond.

The best part? The amount you pay is dependent on where your child gets into college, so you can spend less time worrying about fees and more time preparing them for this next phase in their life.

 How It Works


1: Work with our dedicated team, risk-free.

Here, at WeAdmit we pair every student with a personalized team of three counselors from our nationwide network: a college admissions professional, a student coach from a top US university, and one of our financial aid experts. Sign up and try our program for 30 days risk free thanks to our money back guarantee.


2: Build winning college portfolios.

It’s no secret that high-school students have too many things to think about. From sports to prom, you’ll likely struggle to keep college front-and-center on your child’s radar. Fortunately, our team will check in with your child on a weekly basis, ensuring their applications, essays, SATs, ACTs, and GPA remain a focus despite the many activities calling for their attention.


3: Combine their passions and their major.

While getting into the right college is important, choosing the right major is equally as important. Our unique coaching method will guide your child as they discover how their passions and major selection can intersect. Not only will they feel confident they’re on the right path, but their college essays and applications will shine brighter as a result of their newfound focus.


4: Learn from personal financial aid experts.

No matter your financial situation, scholarships and financial aid are an important part of paying for college. Unlike other college consultants, we set you up with one of our financial aid experts, so you can rest easy knowing you're prepared to pay for your child's education.


5: Get unlimited online essay reviews.

We work hard to pair your child with student coaches who share their goals and experiences through our robust, online platform. Alongside these Lead Coaches, we connect your child with a college admissions expert to help them polish their applications and college essays to perfection through unlimited essay reviews.


6: Relax, thanks to our flexible fees.

We’re so confident in our team of college counselors that we operate on a unique, flexible-cost policy: after paying an initial fee, the rest of your counseling costs are based on where your child gets into college. This, alongside our 30-day money back guarantee, lets you rest easy knowing your child’s college future is in the right hands.

 What Parents and Students Have to Say



WeAdmit is your 24/7 personal supporter, helping you build your own path with passion and precision.
— Ken S.


As always the worksheets have been really helpful, and my Lead Coach has been helpful as well.
— Akshay B.