Zero Cost College Admissions Consulting Until You Make It.

weadmit is a 7-10 month immersive program that gives you the framework and personalized coaching to successfully get into college. have fun finding your life vision, career goals, intended major, and best-fit college. Best part is, you pay nothing until you get into college.




End-to-end curriculum focusing on your success beyond college

Most other college counseling services focus on technical success, getting students into their dream schools without considering their success in the long run. The WeAdmit team understands how crucial this process can be in achieving lifelong goals and strives to provide students with material success by maximizing their learning and self-discovery now when it matters most.



A team of two: a seasoned admissions consultant and a top college student

With WeAdmit, students will have constant access to a network of head counselors and lead coaches who have the experience and compassion to help students maximize their potential. Head counselors are former admissions officers of prestigious universities who understand the process from both ends of the application, and lead coaches are current students at acclaimed schools who have recently underwent this rigorous process and are trained to coach prospective students.



Pay nothing until you make it

Since we are committed to client satisfaction, we prefer to invest in you before you invest in us. This is why we offer a deferred success fee payment model, so that you don’t have to pay a dime until you see your desired outcome. We use a tiered approach: the fee depends on the prestige of the school you’ve gotten into. If you only get into your safety schools, we completely waive the fee. That’s how confident we are in the success of our clients.


How it works

You take the lead, we accelerate.

While we strive to help you through the college application process, results are not possible without effort on your behalf. This is a journey of self-discovery of which you will have full ownership, but the WeAdmit team will follow every step of the way to help you discover your path based on where your interests and aspirations lie. 

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50 hours passes faster when you’re having fun.

Since the WeAdmit program is immersive and fun, the time commitment necessary will feel much more minimal. We understand the rules and winning strategies of the college application process, so we will assist you in your preparation. Discovering your goals and the motives behind them can help you advance through all the steps amazingly fast. Therefore, we initially focus on a top-down approach to explore your life goal and desired careers/majors. We have a collection of 50+ worksheets enabling you to efficiently analyze information about yourself and effectively formulate a strategy for admission. 

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Pay only if you’re happy

We are happy to introduce a revolutionary pricing model: don’t pay until you’re happy. Rather than you making the investment up-front, WeAdmit invests in you. The end fee depends on the result/quality of our service, so the fee varies with the type of schools you get into. If you get into a reach or ED school, the fee is higher than a match school, and the fee is completely waived if you only get into safety schools. That’s how confident we are in the quality our service.

Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.
— Kristin Hannah